Portal Open Porch Office

Portable storage buildings have never been so versatile! Not only does the Portable Open Porch Office building look great, it’s also incredibly useful. With loft storage over the porch, three windows, and a walk through door with a window, this building combines great looks, strong construction, and multiple uses for a remarkably low price.

Though there are no lofts in the portable open porch office, the building does feature a 3′ steel entry door with a window.  Easily add customization to your portable open porch office, including custom paints, a custom door, extra windows, shutters, or even a porch railing.  This product is a great way to keep your office separate from your home and yet still go to work in your pajamas.  The nice open porch allows for the feel of extra space and a nice place to read important documents while you drink a warm cup of coffee in the morning.  Other possible uses for the portable open porch office is that man or woman cave, an arts and crafts studio, a club house or possibly a guest house!  This is a product you can enjoy for many years to come and its durability can withstand many of the weather elements.  Don’t waste your money building a whole addition to your home, the portable open porch office is the perfect addition to any home or lifestyle.

The Portable Open Porch Office is an attractive way to run you home business!

Take a moment to see the customization options below and order the Portable Open Porch Office online, by phone or at our showroom today!

Design ideas for Portable Open Porch Office Buildings:

Sizes Available: 12×24, 12×30, 12×32, 12×36, 12×42

Door Designs Available:

Financing is available to those who qualify, leases require first months payment and a onetime processing fee to be determined by the financer.  Taxes may also apply.

Paint Options

Premium Metal Roof Upgrades

Insulation Options

Electric Options

Wainscott & Dormer Options

SmartSide Protection

Side Porch Option

Corner Porch Option

Shutters, Porch railing, Double pane windows

Shutters, Porch railing, Double pane windows

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