Lofted Portable Buildings

Lofted Portable Buildings are a Classic and one of the best selling models! Homeowners love the look of the building and the loft adds useful storage space to help get the garage organized.

Lofted Portable Buildings have many wonderful uses including storing machinery and having space in the loft to store components for the machinery. Store the lawn mower, the weed whacker and leaf blower while using the loft to store gas cans, and other loose ends. This leaves plenty of space for walking in and out without tripping on loose items. The Lofted Portable Buildings are so durable, made with strong treated wood and all quality hardware. This is a shed with a mission to organize your home and give you back your garage!

Lofted Portable Buildings are hands down the best option for organizational bliss!

Lofted Portable Buildings are designed with 6’5” side walls, includes one loft, 6’ Door Opening (except on 8′ wide buildings which only have 4′ door openings. Customize yours to match the color scheme of your home, add custom door designs as shown below, and even some windows for fashion. There are many possible ways to turn lofted portable buildings into the perfect storage unit. With prices starting as low as $1810, your investment will be well worth it! Take a moment to review available sizes, designs and colors, contact us by phone, or stop into our showroom to see the product first hand.

Sizes Available: 8×8, 8×10, 8×12, 10×10, 10×12, 10×16, 12×12. 12×16, 12×20, 12×24, 12×30, 12×32, 12×36, 12×42

Door Designs Available:

Financing is available to those who qualify, leases require first months payment and a onetime processing fee. Taxes may also apply.

Paint Options

Premium Metal Roof Upgrades

Insulation Options

Electric Options

Wainscott & Dormer Options

SmartSide Protection

One Window

Walk-through door, Two windows

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