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Portable Buildings are the perfect fit for any home!

With 7 different basic designs with many design changes you can add, there just might be the portable you need to fit your lifestyle and needs.


Classic Portable Buildings

Classic Portable Buildings are simply amazing! Many say they are tough, durable and hands down a better investment than any other shed out there.

The original! This building combines classic style with practical storage. Perfect for storing lawn and garden equipment. The Classic Portable Buildings low profile keeps the height of the building at a minimum. Easily customized with multiple paint color choices and sizes available.

The Classic Portable Buildings are available with many features including insulation, electricity, customized doors, custom colors and much more. This is a practical little building for keeping your home organized. Why put your belongings in a storage unit when you can tidy up with a durable, hard wood building right in the back yard? This tough little building can weather the elements and won’t be easily broken. Rather than spend a few less on a home depot put together, invest in a durable, long lasting solution like the Classic Portable Buildings.

The Classic Portable Buildings include:

  • 4’ Side Walls
  • 4’ Door Opening on 8′ buildings and 6′ door openings on 10′ & 12′ wide Buildings

Sizes Available: 8×12, 10×10, 10×12, 12×12, 12×16

Lofted Classic Portable Buildings

Lofted Portable Buildings are a Classic and one of the best selling models! Homeowners love the look of the building and the loft adds useful storage space to help get the garage organized.

Lofted Portable Buildings have many wonderful uses including storing machinery and having space in the loft to store components for the machinery. Store the lawn mower, the weed whacker and leaf blower while using the loft to store gas cans, and other loose ends. This leaves plenty of space for walking in and out without tripping on loose items. The Lofted Portable Buildings are so durable, made with strong treated wood and all quality hardware. This is a shed with a mission to organize your home and give you back your garage!

Lofted Portable Buildings are hands down the best option for organizational bliss!

Lofted Portable Buildings are designed with 6’5” side walls, includes one loft, 6’ Door Opening (except on 8′ wide buildings which only have 4′ door openings. Customize yours to match the color scheme of your home, add custom door designs as shown below, and even some windows for fashion. There are many possible ways to turn lofted portable buildings into the perfect storage unit.

Sizes Available:  8×12, 8×16, 10×10, 10×12, 10×16, 10×20, 10×24, 12×12, 12×16, 12×20, 12×24, 12×30, 12×36, 12×42, 14×30, 14×36, 14×42

Portable Side Loft Buildings

The Portable Side Loft Building maximizes the use of space and is an excellent layout for a portable storage building.  This style offers storage lofts on both ends of the building, increasing the amount of storage and provides easy access to both ends.  One look and you’ll understand why this is one of our best selling buildings!

The portable side loft buildings have entry in the front making the structure seem much bigger than other portable building designs.  The structure is made for the person who has an assortment of big and little items that need to be stored in an organized fashion.  While the inside is similar to the Classic Portable Building, the portable side loft buildings offer a design that is made for more organization than ever before. Don’t waste money on some of what you need when you can have it all.

Portable Side Loft Buildings are the ultimate portable organizer!

Some of the features of the features of the Portable Side Loft Buildings include:

  • 6’5” Side Walls- plenty tall enough for most all tools and people
  • Includes 2 Lofts and 2 Windows – the best in portable storage and the ability to allow fresh air in while you work on organizing!
  • 6’ Door Opening (12′ and 14′ long buildings have 4′ door openings)

Sizes Available:  8×12, 8×16, 10×12, 10×16, 10×20, 10×24, 12×12, 12×16, 12×20, 12×24, 12×30, 12×32, 12×36, 12×42, 14×30, 14×36, 14×42

Utility Buildings

The Utility Buildings offer a clean, simple design and quality construction in a package that is easy to customize! Perfect design for storing lawn and garden equipment.

This is the most durable utility shed you will ever purchase and is no competition to the Home Depot put together’s. If a strong and long lasting utility shed is what you need, then this is the product for you. The structure is made with real treated wood and designed for storage. There are so many size options that you will have no trouble finding the utility shed that fits your needs exactly.

Forget the Home Depot cheap shed you replace every other year and invest in the low cost Utility Buildings from American Home!

Some of the features of the Utility Buildings include:

  • 6’5” Side Walls – nice tall utility sheds, anyone can walk in easily
  • 8’ Side Walls – One of the many custom options available
  • 8′ wide buildings have 4′ door openings
  • Over 8’ wide buildings have 6’ door opening
  • Buildings 16’ and longer come standard with 8’ sidewalls and 6’ 6” tall double doors
  • Buildings less than 16’ long come standard with 6’5” sidewalls and 6’ tall double doors

The Utility Buildings have many customization options to fit in with your home. Add some color, a fancy design door, and some windows. The Utility Buildings are simply the best little backyard buddies and really offer the best for those on a budget!

Sizes Available: 8×12, 10×10, 10×12, 10×16, 10×20, 10×24, 12×12, 12×16, 12×20, 12×24, 12×30, 12×36, 12×42, 14×30, 14×36, 14×42

Portable Garages

Have you ever needed an extra garage? Americans own more vehicles than ever before, and the one and two bay garages on our homes just don’t offer enough space. Portable Garages offer storage and protection with easy access and durable construction. It is available in sizes from 12′ x 16′ to 12′ x 42′.

The Portable Garages are big enough for a truck with storage space left over!

The Portable Garages are available with many options, including electricity, insulation, custom paint, and much more. The durable portable garages are perfect for any home. Use it for your work shop, an extra place for a car, a place to store tools and countless other possibilities. Do away with the storage unit and invest in a product that will last for years to come. Safety and security are no issue here and the treated wood is strong enough to handle many weather elements. Customize yours now.

Sizes Available: 12×16, 12×20, 12×24, 12×30, 12×36, 12×42, 14×30, 14×36, 14×42

Portable Office Buildings

Portable office buildings have never been so versatile! Not only does the Office building look great, it’s also incredibly useful. With loft storage over the porch, three windows, and a walk through door with a window, this building combines great looks, strong construction, and multiple uses for a remarkably low price.

No more need for moving into a bigger home to work from home, portable office buildings fit perfect in the back yard and look fabulous. The Portable Office Buildings come with a porch for those days when you want to just read a large document in the fresh outdoor air and a variety of windows to let in the fresh air. Portable office buildings start at 128 square feet and can be as big as 504 square feet, which is more than enough space to have a small art studio, or a two person office. Open that home based business and rather than pay rent to a landlord every month, invest in one of our fabulous portable office buildings!

Portable Office Buildings come standard with

  • 6’ 5” Side Walls
  • Includes 2 Lofts & 3 Windows
  • 3’ Steel Entry Door w/Window

Sizes Available for Office Buildings: 8×16, 10×18, 12×24, 12×30, 12×36, 12×42, 14×30, 14×36, 14×42

Portable Open Porch Office Buildings

Portable storage buildings have never been so versatile! Not only does the Portable Open Porch Office building look great, it’s also incredibly useful. With loft storage over the porch, three windows, and a walk through door with a window, this building combines great looks, strong construction, and multiple uses for a remarkably low price.

Though there are no lofts in the portable open porch office, the building does feature a 3′ steel entry door with a window.  Easily add customization to your portable open porch office, including custom paints, a custom door, extra windows, shutters, or even a porch railing.  This product is a great way to keep your office separate from your home and yet still go to work in your pajamas.  The nice open porch allows for the feel of extra space and a nice place to read important documents while you drink a warm cup of coffee in the morning.  Other possible uses for the portable open porch office is that man or woman cave, an arts and crafts studio, a club house or possibly a guest house!  This is a product you can enjoy for many years to come and its durability can withstand many of the weather elements.  Don’t waste your money building a whole addition to your home, the portable open porch office is the perfect addition to any home or lifestyle.

The Portable Open Porch Office is an attractive way to run you home business!

Rent to own financing is available on Portable Buildings, leases require first months payment and a onetime processing fee. Additional charges for customization and Taxes may also apply.

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