Steel Buildings

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Stetler’s Big Tex Barn is brightly lit all day with side skylights.

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2 thoughts on “Steel Buildings

  1. American Home is proud to say yes while others say no. If your building needs or design is out of the ordinary most others in this industry will not try to help. If what is needed or wanted can be engineered to be safe and reliable American Home will try to get it done.

  2. American Home has added two colors to the 13 choices available.
    Painted Copper and “Galvalume” (Silver) The “Galvalume” is basically the raw steel metal galvanized giving your buildings a classic look.
    At this time Galvalume is available at no additional cost. The Copper paint is slightly more expensive.

    American Home is also very proud to be the first to offer an option of strong 20 year warranty skylight material to this style of building construction.
    Placed on the top of your building’s sides a tremendous amount of filtered light comes in.

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