Portable Playhouse

play house portableThe Portable Playhouse is perfect for children and/or grandchildren.  This building features a full size back door to allow entry for adults.  All windows are tempered safety glass, ensuring safety.  The side walls measure 5′ 9″ allowing more room then many portable playhouse’s on the market today!

Perhaps one of the best features of the portable playhouse is the ease of moving the structure if needed.  This product is not only durable but can weather many of the elements.  Your children will enjoy the comfort of not being so tightly confined as many of the portable playhouse designs are made nowadays.  Parents enjoy the piece of mind knowing that the door located in the back of the portable playhouse is big enough for entrance in the case of an emergency or to just play with your children.

The portable playhouse includes:

  • 5’ 9” Side Walls- Plenty big for many years of your child’s enjoyment
  • 3 Safety Glass Windows – no need to worry about your child breaking the windows and getting injured
  • Full Size Back Door – Made specifically for the parents to check in on the kids
  • One Loft – perfect for storage of sports equipment, board games and outside toys

The portable playhouse is so easy to customize and offers your children a safe and spacious place to enjoy their noisy toys or play dates.

Their only young for so long, treat them to a portable playhouse that will be a big hit in the neighborhood!

Portable Playhouse Design Ideas:

portable playhouse ideas

Invest in the fun that will be had with a portable playhouse, order online, by phone or stop by our showroom.

Sizes Available:  8×12

Door Designs Available:

portable building door designs

Color Options:

available colors portable homes

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Financing is available to those who qualify, leases require first months payment and a onetime processing fee of $50.  Taxes may also apply.  To find our more about financing rates, click here.  Read more about this product from the manufacturer, click here.