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Wooden Windmills Now Available

decorative wooden windmills

American Home is known for carports, steel buildings, and their exclusive partnership with Azle Garage Door Company, but as of 2013, American Home is proud to announce its newest product in decorative wooden windmills.  These handcrafted masterpieces add a touch of elegance to any landscape as well as a vintage feel making us nostalgic for the good ole’ days.  The blades of the wooden windmills are made of galvanized metal and the whole product is designed to handle the harsh elements of the outdoors.  The base of the wooden windmills are created with pressure treated lumber to ensure its sturdiness and durability.

Some History on the Wooden Windmills of Yester-Year

The wooden windmills of many years prior, were originally used as a method of harnessing the energy of wind and converting it into a sort of rotational energy.  This energy was used to develop milling grain in the production of food.  The wooden windmill was perhaps a catalyst to many great machines that proceeded.  These impressive machines were thought to have been originally created by the Persians between 500 and 900 A.D. to be used in grinding grain.  Read more about the history of wooden windmills here.

Handcrafted Wooden Wagons

Handcrafted Wooden Wagons (more information below)

More new Products Available

Water Towers

Water Towers

In addition to the new decorative wooden windmills, American Home is also offering Windmill Kits for the DIY lovers out there, water towers (as shown to the right), and old fashion wagons (photo above).  The gorgeous handcrafted wooden wagons are made from pressure treated yellow pine.  The wheels are constructed of steel with two sealed bearings and the wagons are available in one size.    The water towers are available in sizes 52″, 78″, 102″ and 151″.  The towers are just magnificent and really add a vibrant touch to any landscape.

There are two different windmill kits available, the Head kits and the complete kit.  Both kits are easy to assemble and come with instructions.  See below for what comes in each kit.

Included in the Head Kits:

  • Head assembly packaged with all hardware needed
  • Rudder/Tail – galvanized or Texas Flag
  • Step-by-step instructions to build the wood stand. (Lumber not included)
  • Available in 30″, 40″, 50″, and 60″ head diameters

Shipping is available for all sizes.

Included in the complete kit (as shown in the photo above):

  • Windmill Head
  • Stained wood stand
  • Assembly instructions
  • Hardware
  • Anchors

No pre-drilling or cutting necessary.  This is the perfect set for anyone who enjoys a great weekend project.  Ask about our current sales or check out our sale sheet below for current MSRP and sale pricing.

Whether you need a custom carport, a portable building or one of our new wooden windmills, American Home is here to help.  We are here to serve you 5 days a week and offer Texas prices all around the United States.  Don’t miss out on our current Windmill sale (check the brochure below for details).  Call American Home at 817-221-2218 today for quality products at unbeatable prices!

2013 windmill price sheet

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